The Meaning Of Alchemi Is Magical

What we do defines who we are and we are Alchemi. So what does Alchemi mean? To us, it is a very powerful process of transforming something ordinary or common into something special and unique. The meaning of Alchemi is sort of our motto, that the work we do should be “as good as gold” for our clients. It reminds us to strive for the very best, to be original and to make work that shines brighter than the rest.

Happy Ten Year Anniversary Alchemi Design!

Looking for the opportunity to make a living creating great design while having flexibility to raise their families, Meagan Connolly and Cink DeVeas formed Alchemi Design and Publications, LLC in 2005. Since then their combined talents and experience have resulted in a steadily growing graphic design, advertising and marketing firm.

Starting out primarily in graphic design the company began providing branding and identity for local companies and soon expanded to include the publication of high-end wedding venue books for clients in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia.

After several years of creating these award-winning publications, the company focused its expertise on marketing for the wedding and hospitality industry and evolved into a full service marketing firm, which included not only print design but website design, social media, marketing strategy and advertising services.

We would like to thank our fantastic team, past and present, for all the hard work they contributed to the success of our company.

Alchemi Design has enjoyed working for many clients over the last decade and we are proud to have contributed to each client’s growth. As we move into our eleventh year our goals are to continue to effectively market our clients and to expand our wedding marketing publications to a regional level. Look for more progress reports on these efforts and please raise a toast with us to celebrate our first decade!

Alchemi Staff

A Reflection On What Giving Means

Easter is now behind us but some people are still engaged in the Giving Season and hoping to Multiply Miracles. We were hard at work even before Easter to create a Stewardship Campaign for Woods Church that focused on the concept of Multiplying Miracles for a large community. This campaign evolved into a multiple step project starting with a new logo that conveyed the idea of giving back to the community and that our actions can come full circle. Then moving on to a three fold brochure, letterhead, reply card and envelopes. This was a great project to see in the final presentation, take a look for yourself!






Design Inspiration, Designers Working Together

A great exhibit at the National Building Museum bringing together DC based architects and designers building a mini golf exhibit. Take a look at the out of the box thinking when it comes to building and designing each nine-hole course. Design influencing much more than just print.





It’s Time.

Alchemi has recently finished a timeline project with Woods Memorial Presbyterian Church. The church, celebrates its Centennial this year and to mark the occasion, they called on Alchemi to help create a museum-quality timeline in five parts.


Each panel (2 ft. sq.) depicts about 20 years of history and provides history of the church, as well as pop-culture events to create context. This piece is not only visually interesting, but it also tells an important story of a church that has been operation for 100 years. Congrats Woods!


Bridal Show Season Recap

Once again, the Alchemi Design Bridal Show Marketing Season has resulted in great success!

This year, our clients, whose bridal shows we market, enjoyed increased attendance, happy participating vendors, and brides impressed with what each venue had to offer.

Alchemi continues to recommend individual venue bridal shows vs. shows where multiple venues participate due to the advantage of driving traffic to a specific site or location. This Spring, each venue we worked with was able to show off their visual, organizational, and culinary bridal splendor in their comfort zone: their own venue. Each bride and groom who came to the events was able to imagine what their wedding would look and feel like because they were already there. As a result, our client’s venues booked numerous events during each Bridal Show and made a great impact on their attendees.

We truly love working with our clients. Helping them market their bridal show in the savviest way possible, is what we do best. Our organized marketing efforts, combined with our ability to create a succinctly designed brand for each client allows us to uniquely speak to each venue’s location and clientele.

A beautiful day at the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club

January 7, 2012 was not only a sunny and gorgeous day to be at a waterfront wedding venue, but it was also the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club’s Annual Bridal Show.

Vendors, brides, grooms, mothers-of-the-bride, and all family members alike gathered at the Bay Beach Club to meet, greet, and plan their dream wedding on the Chesapeake. Music was playing, rooms were dressed to the nines, and delicious hors d’oeuvres were being passed around as couples-to-be wandered from room to room exploring the grounds.

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