3 Benefits To Hiring A Design and Marketing Agency

3 Benefits To Hiring A Design and Marketing Agency

The topic of implementing a course of action for your marketing strategy by hiring a design and marketing agency is a fitting followup to our previous post in which we discussed reaching your business goals based on the quality of your marketing approach. Understanding your brand and portraying it to the world is without a doubt an essential part of laying out the solid structure on which your business is built. Collaborating with a staff of seasoned graphic designers, creative directors, and marketing specialists at an agency can have several benefits when weighed against the option of adding design and marketing duties to the regular tasks of your in-house employees.

1. You’ll Save Valuable Time.

Hiring a design and marketing agency can bring peace of mind so that you can focus on what you do best – making your company successful. When you are managing a business that requires your full attention, it can be comforting, and more productive, to know that your brand will be well taken care of. Hiring an agency means you don’t have to sacrifice your own valuable time worrying about ad purchasing, promoting new products, updating stationery, updating your website, keeping up with social media, et cetera. Imposing the responsibility of brand development and marketing strategy on yourself or your in-house staff is a burden that may be more hurtful than helpful. It can be as if you are throwing a cog in the well-oiled machine that is your business. When you’re working on a new campaign or updating your brand, a marketing agency will be able to compile and evaluate all of the data, develop a plan, and present you with a market-ready product. They will have recommendations to share, make objective conclusions about what is best for your particular goals, and come up with inspired and innovative solutions that are perfect for your business.

2. You Might Learn A Thing Or Two

A creative marketing agency will provide an indispensable resource of professional insight that you can add to your business strategy arsenal. They have an outside perspective of your company and can enlighten you and your staff on how your business is perceived. An agency will know what avenues you should take with your marketing strategy. Big news? Perhaps a press release is in order. Or maybe it’s something more interactive, for which a social media post will be more effective. Hosting an event? Your location, audience and goals all factor into developing your campaign’s style, voice and distribution plan. A creative marketing agency learns about your business’s performance with statistics, like demographics and impressions, to assess your brand’s perceived public persona and determine how to best interact with your client. They can translate the data for you to help your business target the right audience. The details can be unexpected, intriguing and even downright exciting. Considering that we’re well into the information age, it’s vital to pay attention to the data, not let it go to waste and use it to your advantage.

3. You’re Paying For Their Experience

If you have ever tried developing your company’s brand from scratch, all on your own, you will know that it is no simple endeavor. Encompassing an accurate persona to an entire business is complex and involves an infinite number of variables. From color and font choices to artwork scaling and placement, to readability and keyword development, several crucial design-related decisions affect your brand. An agency will know what questions to ask, how to put them to paper, and what traits to look for in developing and designing your marketing material. Based on the analysis and assessment of your business identity and persona, these designs could be displayed across computer screens, smart phones, magazine pages, or even at bus stops. An agency’s staff has also undergone the education and technical training required to becoming a professional in communications design, and their knowledge and skills alone are well worth the investment. You will have capable graphic designers, illustrators, web developers, content developers and social media strategists all at your disposal.

Tip: If you have reservations about keeping an agency on long-term, consider utilizing their services initially to establish the basic building blocks of your brand and develop a plan with them to create a universal style guide and document templates for future in-house use. In the long run, you will be happy and confident that you have a set of brand guidelines that can be used for your business across the board.

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4 Reasons Why Branding Is Important

Often times, companies do not realize the importance of properly branding their company. In the following points, learn ways in which you will get the most out of your brand and be equipped to make your brand a success for you and your business.

One: A Brand Establishes a Common Goal.

A brand is the most important building block of your business. Even before you create your business logo, website, or other marketing materials, you start with developing the core of your brand – your mission statement. It begins with a set of guidelines that represent the purpose, goals and end product of your business. With a strong mission statement, expressing the core values of your team should possess and show your employees what is expected as a representative of your company.

In the development process, ask yourself a few questions: What is your end product? Who is your customer? How will consumers benefit from your product or service? What values reflect your goals? If you can answer these questions confidently, you have yourself a brand in the making.

Download and fill out our Brand Development Worksheet.

Two: A Brand Unifies Your Public Image.

Following the establishment of a hearty mission statement, your company’s visual representation can go into development. This part of the branding process includes creating a universal logo that best reflects your business as a whole. Using style, shape, color and fonts, a brand comes to life in a way that allows you to effectively appeal to consumers. The visual identity of a brand can be compiled in a customized style guide that encompasses all aspects of the brand. This makes all of the elements accessible to your entire team to use as an accurate point of reference. The style guide will break down assets like your signature tagline, primary and secondary colors (down to the specific PMS, CMYK, RGB and Hex Codes), typefaces, layout styles, shapes and usage proportions.

When you are ready to get started on developing your brand identity, contact us for more information. Alchemi Design can help you hone in on your company’s style and develop a visual representation that best reflects your brand.

Three: A Brand Makes You Memorable.

Implementing your brand in your marketing efforts allows your audience to get to know your business on a more familiar level. Proper execution of brand marketing means you are representing the same values at all times, to any one, at any place, at any time. The way you respond to a commend on Instagram, for instance, should reflect your aforementioned mission statement and exude your company’s values. It’s in the way you answer the phone at the office and interact with coworkers, or how you design your ads for the local newspaper. Connecting with your audience encourages a positive following and cultivates consumer advocacy, which leads to the ever so coveted word-of-mouth advertising.

An example of a company who effectively utilizes brand marketing is Wendy’s. Have you seen their campaigns bashing McDonald’s? They possess a common goal of providing fresh ingredients for their burgers, which they shamelessly boast over the frozen stuff you get from other fast food establishments. It’s bold, entertaining, and true to their brand.

Four: Branding Evokes Professionalism and Builds Trust.

Consistency in the representation of your company through your brand identity propagates trust and customer loyalty. A client who has a positive experience with your product or service before they make a purchase will be more likely to be converted into a paying customer. And along the same line, you achieve a ripple effect of positive encounters, one after the other, further amplifying into potential growth in repeat customers and consumer advocacy. Also, when a customer is unsatisfied, referring back to your brand will guide you in how to react and hopefully reach a resolution to ultimately avoid a negative experience. Having that firm set of guidelines to fall back on is immensely valuable, especially as your company grows and becomes more well-known.

To make sure you achieve consistency in brand representation, make a checklist of all the channels through which your brand is marketed. Another great way is through surveys and questionnaires – your customers will appreciate that you value their feedback and that you are interested in their opinions and suggestions.


In summation, give a great deal of attention to the development of your brand to be sure of accurate representation that will last the lifetime of your business. A solid brand will leave nothing to question and exude confidence and value to your staff and clients alike.


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