Environmental Policy Statement

Alchemi Design & Publications is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and choose our product vendors accordingly. We will continue to improve our environmental performance and encourage projects, clients and activities that will further reduce our impacts on the environment.

Our commitment to the environment is a belief held in the hearts of our staff and is communicated in our products and how we work in the community in which we operate and love.

We are committed to:

  • Exceeding all applicable environmental regulations;

  • Using only FSC certified printers, who use only responsibly managed forests as accredited by the US Forest Management Standard;

  • Preventing pollution by creating products with soy based-inks, carpooling whenever possible and utilizing CFL and LED lights in all work areas;

  • Empowering our staff to recycle and compost on a daily basis at our facility;

  • Communicate our environmental commitment and efforts to our clients, staff, and our community and;

  • Create goals to reduce our impact each year.

Maryland is our home and we are dedicated to work, live and produce products that protect the Chesapeake Bay, its inhabitants and future generations.

FSC Certified Papers & Soy Based Inks

Alchemi Design’s products are created with FSC certified paper cultivated from responsibly forested paper manufacturers. FSC certified suppliers must maintain a rigorous “chain-of-custody” from the forest to the printer, confirming sustainably managed logging and creating a truly environmentally and socially responsible product which we then use to design and create products for our clients. We combine this with soy-based ink which reduces our impact on the environment by making the paper easier to recycle and eliminating its petroleum-based counterpart. Being environmentally responsible is a priority at Alchemi Design & Publications and it is reflected in the products we develop for each of our clients.

Green Printing with FSC Certified Paper & Products