Once again, the Alchemi Design Bridal Show Marketing Season has resulted in great success!

This year, our clients, whose bridal shows we market, enjoyed increased attendance, happy participating vendors, and brides impressed with what each venue had to offer.

Alchemi continues to recommend individual venue bridal shows vs. shows where multiple venues participate due to the advantage of driving traffic to a specific site or location. This Spring, each venue we worked with was able to show off their visual, organizational, and culinary bridal splendor in their comfort zone: their own venue. Each bride and groom who came to the events was able to imagine what their wedding would look and feel like because they were already there. As a result, our client’s venues booked numerous events during each Bridal Show and made a great impact on their attendees.

We truly love working with our clients. Helping them market their bridal show in the savviest way possible, is what we do best. Our organized marketing efforts, combined with our ability to create a succinctly designed brand for each client allows us to uniquely speak to each venue’s location and clientele.

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