Grow Your Business With Online Marketing

98% of CMOs and marketers affirm that offline and online marketing are merging with the top area in marketing as Digital Commerce. †

Having an online presence for your business is crucial now that the majority of consumers shop electronically. Help engage your clients with integrated online marketing. We can get you out in front of them with overall branding, website creation, social media management and online advertising.

website designNeed a website?

Whether you have an existing website you would like to update, or you want to rebrand you company we can assist you in meeting your goals. We will help you develop and display your content in a way that is most beneficial to you and your audience. Check out our latest project on Rebranding & Website Design.

Ask us about our website design and content development services.

BlogIcons_fbHow about social media presence?

Social media has become an essential marketing platform for businesses to get out in front of the right audience. We assess the most appropriate channels that will most benefit your business and develop campaigns that will achieve the best results.

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BlogIcons_googleWant to get Googled?

As a Google Partner, we can create campaigns specifically focused on exactly the audience you want to reach by geo targeting and retargeting your campaign. By customizing your overall outreach, we can help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

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†Source: Gartner CMO Spend Survey 15/16.

Holiday Party Designs to Ring in the Season!

Timing is everything.

When it comes to the holiday season it is better to start earlier. Especially when it comes to party planning and holiday promotions. Take a look at some of our new holiday designs. Not only is timing important but when getting the word out for corporate parties or any holiday event, it is best if the invitation or email invite is presented with a well thought out, clear idea and cutting edge design. You want to make sure your event is remembered and people will want to attend by just viewing an invitation. Not only is timing and design important but how to get the word out? Here is another blog with some tips.



corporate event

Get the word out about your holiday event or promotion.

Do you have events or promotions happening over the crazy holiday season? One of the best ways to get the word out is through email marketing. By sending an email to a specific list of customers, all of whom have opted in to receive your emails, you can send messages directly to your target market.

How can I boost my response rate?

Including links to buy tickets online to your event or promotion results in a better response rate because there are fewer steps for your customers in comparison to having them purchase tickets over the phone or in person. For instance we see a direct correlation for our clients events ticket sales when we create an email with links to purchase online versus sending an email without that option.

But what if I don’t have any events or promotions during the holidays?

It is important to send email campaigns on a regular basis so your customers don’t forget about you. If you don’t have any holiday events or promotions going on, sending a general holiday email is a good way to remind them of you. You can keep your message sweet and simple or take this opportunity to remind them of your holiday hours.

If you have further questions about email marketing be sure to contact us. We can work with you to create a marketing plan for your upcoming events!


New Years Eve Country Music Campaign

New Years Eve Country Music Campaign

Holidays at the Tidewater Inn

Holidays at the Tidewater Inn

Gift of Hospitality Campaign

Gift of Hospitality Campaign


Washingtonian Bride & Groom Recognizes Alchemi

We are happy to share that Washingtonian Bride & Groom has flattered Alchemi by using one of our Bridal Show campaigns in their email marketing/advertising material.

This is an email blast that we created for last year’s Historic Inns of Annapolis Bridal Fair. As you can see, Washingtonian is using it to promote their dedicated email service. We couldn’t be happier to make an appearance in their marketing material!